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                             Baby your canola in the bin  09/07


You can't just dump canola in the bin and expect it to stay in great shape
until you're ready to sell. Canola Council of Canada agronomist David Vanthuyne
says "you have to baby canola in the bin"!

Vanthuyne advises growers to condition canola to safe temperature and moisture
levels and then regularly monitor the binned crop for signs of mould or

Conditioning involves moving air through the seed to prevent spoilage that
results from moisture migration and seed respiration. Vanthuyne says canola
harvested much above 8% moisture must be conditioned, especially if grain
temperatures are above 25 C.

He says the object is to cool the seed below 15 C and lower its moisture
content to 8% moisture. "Aeration and/or turning the canola can be an effective
way to avoid spoilage", Vanthuyne says. But if moisture levels are above 10% to
12%, he recommends heated air drying.

Growers can't drop their vigil once they've conditioned canola. Freshly
harvested canola can maintain a high respiration rate for up to six weeks
before becoming dormant. Vanthuyne explains that "this sweating stage is a very
unstable condition for binned canola".

The agronomist suggests growers monitor binned canola regularly because rapidly
respiring seed produces heat and moisture, which favour storage mould growth.
"Over time, the seed may become mouldy or heat damaged, and in severe cases it
can ignite," he adds.

For more information on safe storage of canola, visit these web pages:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/crop1301

For more information in your area, contact:

John Mayko, Agronomic Research & Extension Manager, 780-764-2593
Derwyn Hammond, Manitoba, 204-729-9011
Jim Bessel, North Central & North Eastern Saskatchewan, 306-373-6771
David Vanthuyne, Eastern Saskatchewan, 306-782-7799
David Blais - Western Saskatchewan, 306-895-2122
Christine Mardell, Peace, 780-518-1513
Doug Moisey, Central Alberta, 780-645-3624
Matthew Stanford, Southern Alberta, 403-758-6660

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